Sexy Judo Mistress

Mike has a mistress in every city he goes to; Jasmine is his sexy mistress who loves to do Judo on him. When his Sexy Mistress of Judo found out about his other mistress’s she was not happy about this. The Sexy Mistress decides to take measures into her hands and teach him a humiliating lesson.
All commands from his sexy mistress are not taken lightly, he does them or he pays worse for not doing them, this time, because of his naughty behavior and secrets, his sexy mistress goes a little to far in the game. She wants him to lick her feet and suck her toes but will Mike do that or suffer the consequences? Find out how the sexy mistress takes care of Mike, will it be more humiliation and throws or will it be down and dirty? Jasmine also does Lift and Carry in this update!

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